Thursday, 16 October 2014

Day 72 short update

1st: I (still) feel great!
2nd, I miss milk and meat even less now. And i'm cutting with eggs too.

Just cheese. Cheese is still a hard thing to cut out. I love Parmesan, mozzarella, sheep's cheese.

I've been cooking much more with tofu and tried several types of plant based milks and my favorite so far is Roasted Almond Milk from Alpro or regular Soy milk from Tesco for smoothies.
I'm reading Eating Animals from jonathan safran foer, and it's a must read for anyone interesting to know first hand what happens in the animal industry. You have people speaking who work in factory farming, eco farming and meat eaters and vegans as well. Really puts everything out there. Buy it from amazon here.

Also some interesting documentaries I recently watched included FED UP
interesting to see how the government markets and subsidizes the specific food group they are interested in: meat and dairy.

I feel much more energetic, i've lost overall almost 4kg, I'm not at all bloated anymore and my soul feels lighter. This might sound like cliche kind of thing to say but it makes such a big difference when you look to your inner self. I may still be overweight, not in love with my tights or hair or whatever but knowing no animal was tortured for my ice cream, chocolate mouse, dinner... makes me feel so much better with myself and clean. And isnt't that the most important thing: feeling good with yourself? More than what the scales tells you in the morning?

Oh by the way: i've found vegan products in tesco, my new favourite shower gel being: Original Source products (they also have liquid hand washing gel)

I was asked: but don't you love steak and bacon anymore?

Yes I do, of course I won't lie they are tasty. But as a superior mammal, aware of cruelty and aware that sentient creatures suffer and have to die for something that tastes good but is not necessary for me, I prefer to not eat it. It is my decision to prevent a death (and a life of suffering) than to have a momentarily eating pleasure, which sounds very selfish to me now.