Thursday, 11 September 2014

Day 37 short update

1st: i feel great!
2nd, No i don't miss meat and milk.

Last week I decided to cut out eggs too. But for now i am not too strict as I am still adapting to everything, so I think I will have the occasional egg from time to time. I've been watching some documentaries, mainly focusing on the health benefits of a plant based diet and I know I am in the correct path. With breast cancer history in my family I feel i need to "care" and look extra well after my body. A good read if anyone is interested is Eat like you care: the morality of eating animals. I also watched Netflix documentaries and am now reading the China Study and it is really an eye opener. I want to be good to my body and treat it well so it will work for years and years to come ! :)
And the recipes I've been trying out (some not good enough to blog about) are all so tasty... and the variety ! I've been trying nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits I've never tried before ! I never liked papaya and yesterday I had a papaya smoothie and it was delicious.
It's like you are addicted to all the sugar and saturated fats in the fast foods and processed foods that you believe nothing will be ever as good as that (much like ending a relationship lol) but then when you go out and look for fresh produce, greens and fruits you see all this variety and different flavors you never imagined existed ! I never used cumin, chili, turmeric, black pepper and soy sauce as much as I use now and have cut on the salt seasoning. And sesame oil... i had never tried it, and its such a delicious alternative to plain olive oil.
I feel so happy inside out... and in peace with my conscience when I think my steak used to have a beating heart.

So to all people that ask me: "surely you need meat, i mean where do you get your proteins from?"

I say: Spinach, chia seeds, avocado... Yummy fresh produce. And I am so lucky so live in a small town where we have a weekly market with fresh local produce (even happy chicken eggs) and a small local shop that sells all the greens, vegetables and fruits you can imagine !

And it seems much easier when you look at the numbers: DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) says you need 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. So this means you need in average around 50-60 gr of proteins per day (if you don't want to loose weight).

Here's my afternoon snack from yesterday: plate of watermelon, kiwi, mango and clementines. Raw food for your soul