Thursday, 15 October 2015

How to save our planet in 1 step?

And although hogs more easily turn grain into protein – it takes only 3 pounds of grain for a pig to gain a pound of weight (chickens take only two, while beef takes seven) – all those pigs mean a lot of grain is needed.  China now purchases more than 60 percent of the soybeans available for export in the world, a vital ingredient in animal feed.

If it takes 7 pounds of soybeans to produce 1 pound of beef this means we could feed 7 pounds of tofu (to 7 different people) instead of 1 pound of beef for one person only (and still reduce our carbon emissions  because a pound burger will emit on average 3kg of carbon emissions into the atmosphere).
So instead of feeding soybeans to cows to kill them to produce burgers we could simply take the soybeans we already produce anyway and transform them into protein tofu burgers and feed 7x more people than currently, and also reduce dramatically our carbon emissions.
We *could*:

Save the planet,
End world hunger.

We could.... but somehow we don't. Most people are too hypocritical to make a change and prefer to donate money to end world hunger while munching on a beef burger or some sausages at breakfast.

Please, go vegan. For your health but also for our planet and for the animals.